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Welcome To Milton Federal Savings Bank

Milton Federal Savings Bank is a community bank providing friendly, personal service to individuals and businesses. We believe in traditional community banking and offer a wide variety of savings and loan products. With a Milton Federal MAC® Card and the ATM network, our customers have worldwide access to their accounts. DIRECT TELLER, our automated telephone banking service, provides toll-free account information from a touch tone phone 7 days a week. Just call 1-800-436-5168. Milton Federal Savings Bank is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Market under the MFFC symbol, and we have approximately 3,800 stockholders.

We have designed these pages to answer any questions you may have about Milton Federal Savings Bank and encourage you to browse at your leisure.

At Milton Federal Savings Bank Online you can:

  • Find out what's on our President's mind.

  • Check out Milton Federal Savings Bank's Deposit Products, Lending Products or Business Services.

  • Apply and be approved for a Motorcycle Loan, new or used - we'll finance your motorcycle.

  • Take a LoanAbility Test to find out if you're in a good borrowing position.

  • Use our Monthly Payment Calculator to determine your approximate monthly payment on a new car or home you may want to purchase.

  • Check out our current Employment Opportunities.

  • Find our current Stock Information.

  • Discover What's New at Milton Federal Savings Bank and the surrounding area.

  • Jump to other interesting web sites on the Internet, and if you're one of our customers...e-mail us to place a link to your website on our Interesting Links page.

  • You can also contact us 24 hours a day to let us know what you think about our products and services; let us know what you would like to see on our pages; inquire about purchasing our MFFC stock; or comment on anything at all.

    We hope you enjoy your visit at Milton Federal Savings Bank Online, but before you sure to bookmark our Home Page because you'll want to come back again and again!


    The Year 2000 ("Y2K") issue is the result of some computer programs using a two-digit date format, as opposed to four digits to indicate the year. Such computer systems may be unable to interpret dates beyond the year 1999, which could cause a system failure or other computer errors leading to disruptions in operations.

    In early 1997 Milton Federal Savings Bank formed a Year 2000 Compliance Committee to address any potential problems that could occur. The Committee began evaluating the status of all its technological systems, which includes its state of readiness in addressing the Y2K issue. After the analysis was completed, a Technology Plan was developed and implementation of the plan started in mid 1997.

    In the Technology Plan four major issues were addressed. The first was to identify the potential problems and what could or would be affected by the handling of this date and any subsequent dates. Second was to develop corrective action plans along with time lines for completion of each corrective action that needed to take place and third was to complete the modifications required. The final step was to perform testing on all the areas for compliance and accuracy.

    We have made many changes over the last year by testing, upgrading, and replacing hardware and software systems. But the most critical aspect of the Y2K issue for Milton Federal is to ensure that the data processing provider is compliant for all of our customers with savings, checking and loan accounts. We have completed many levels of testing up to and including the final test phase in November of 1998. Based upon these test results, we are very confident that the level of service and accessibility that our customers and clients have come to expect will not be hindered. We are very committed to make sure that Milton Federal Savings Bank and its customers move smoothly into the 21st century.

    Equal Housing Lender | Member F.D.I.C.
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